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Fresh run, be chill have fun, three hours need to get as far as we can.

Fresh run or whatever CP I have from Wednesday. Be chill have fun. Run 3 hours as far as we can.

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why not I say. However do your best to be close to the raid cap of 1230 so you are not saying why me.... be chill have fun

Just started my warlock if you want to run for an hour through the story mission, join up.


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parent, xbox ambassador

microphone, adult, pvp, pve, profanity ok

warlock, titan, hunter

parent, pve, casual, warlock, titan, microphone

pve, parent, profanity ok, hunter, raider

profanity ok, xbox one, pve, adult, 305 titan, pc

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3am, warlock, raid, parent, titian, hunter

profanity ok, parent, ironbanana, fun, uk, bunny

profanity ok, parent, xbox one, pve, patient, warlock 335