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Veterans of the Grind! Xbox One casual | members: 76 | activity score: 37

"Et Non Moriatur"

avg. age: 35   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

Welcome to Veterans of the Grind! (VoG!). We are a group of guardians mostly in our 40's and 50's who enjoy long walks on the beach and rainy nights...<jk> We're a casual group who like to have fun and realize that life can pull us in many different directions so we don't take ourselves too seriously. Our primary mission is to support each other and help get'ter done.

Note from group mod:

There are a few things that you need to know before joining our group.
  1. We treat each other with respect.
  2. We help and encourage members to ensure they have a great gaming experience.
  3. Any hateful or harmful actions that do not represent the values of the VoG! group will result in banning of the individual(s).
  4. We use Discord for all our group discussions and the100 for all game setup.
  5. We are an adult gaming group, so you must be 18 years of age or older.*

* Exceptions made for family members of existing guardians

In order to be accepted into the clan, you must join our Discord server. (See link below)

It is also required to join our clan on (See link below)

  • Discord
    This is where we chat with each other
    This is where you get clan engrams

Group Games:

Destiny 2
The Division 2

Group Moderators: (?)

Nuke Kaboom

Group Sherpas: (?)

lordtonelander, Acid Zero One, Redhawk8,

Upcoming Games

03:45 PM Crucible - Competitive

Tones quest for recluse glory starts here

04:00 PM Gambit - Prime

Put in a little work towards Exit Strategy. Priority to Clan members.

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07:00 AM Dungeon - Pit of Heresy

Only Have one completion so some experience is welcome

Game over

01:00 PM Dungeon - Pit of Heresy

I have one completion so some experience to help out is preferred.

Game over

04:00 PM Haunted Forest

Let's get that pinnacle drop. Am flexible with the time.

Game over

04:30 PM Gambit - Prime

Grinding out some GP for Infamy and Exit Strategy and Keepin’ On

Game over

09:00 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation

Fresh gos i havent gotten a clear yet but i know exactly what to do

Game over

05:30 PM Quest - Leviathan's Breath

I’m on The Arms Dealer strike step. So come on in if you need to run this too

Game over
Game over

03:45 PM Crucible - Iron Banner

Tones Integer Bromance#6 - Slack-Slack-Slacker edition. Fire up the chill, lay back, and give zero craps about joining the last IB session for a while. We'll be gazing at some fires whilst a counter goes up, and farting in their general direction.

Game over

04:30 PM Dungeon - Pit of Heresy

Complete Xenophage quest and finish dungeon.

Game over

04:00 PM Raid - Garden of Salvation

Friday night fun.

Game over

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