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Rookie Station - PS4 PS4 casual | members: 80


avg. age: 30   mics required

This group is for Destiny and/or newcomers. Join a session that interests you to learn something new! This is a waystation-- but until you find another group to call home, this is your home!

Note from group mod:


  • • We prefer Normal Mode raid sessions for training on raid mechanics.
  • • Be active, if you join and never come back you aren't going to learn or teach others, say hi on the chat, post or join games.
  • • If none of the sessions work in your timezone post your own, we'll see if sherpas from other groups can join.
  • • This group is meant to learn raid mechanics, you are free to join any sessions, keep in mind there is a cap for members. Once you feel more comfortable with the raids, please look for other groups that you can join more permanently.


  • • Join sessions that work in your schedule, if the session is full join as a reserve, many times more than 1 group can be formed or people drop and reserves are moved to the main group.
  • • If you join a group and later on have to drop please let them know on the chat.
  • Life happens, if someone has to drop (including the sherpa) that's ok, if another sherpa can join he/she will. If no sherpa is available let us know on the chat and we'll try to work something out.
  • • For Sherpas! If you join a group or post a game, the recommendation is to have 2 sherpas for CE runs and 3 for VoG. If you feel like you need more or less please feel free to adjust.
  • • Stay Active! The100 will automatically remove inactive members from a group if they go 30 days without joining a group session or creating one. If you have been removed due to inactivity and want to rejoin, please contact Brad.

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If you are on Xbox One please join our sister group: How-To: Vault of Glass

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Destiny 2

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SL1K_KILLA, Darkreign74, Tekkenbeasts, valfarovhel, Jakedude808,

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