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  • 09:00 AM CST - SAT 12/24
  • Xbox
  • Bravo Company 24
  • Mic required
  • 4 Players / 4
  • 4 waitlist
  • 8 reserves

Nothing no video games

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pve, pvp, adult, microphone, profanity ok

titan, hunter, warlock, microphone, parent


sherpa, fuck this box, i hate this box, titanorgtfo


raid, titan, pve, sherpa, warlock


shoot shit, don't die, thats a wipe, t bag as necessary


hoff, bagel in the toaster, rockets out, bc24

sherpa, profanity ok

warlock, rage quit hater, pve, pvp, butcher of blaviken

Nino Furioso

fun titan, serious warlock, pvp scrub, raider, mickey mouse, bard

pvp & pve, shake and bake, profanity ok, shoot stuff, destiny