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Upcoming Games

fresh run, boss times 3 for the exotic drop...?

CP Boss farm, an hour or two.

Recent Games

Fresh to Boss have xp with dungeon couple hours max

for the armor, have xp in normal and come grind. Be chill have fun.

Priority for clan/friends


raider, warlock, defender


pvp, having fun, pve, microphone, xbox one, sherpa

parent, pvp, pve


all characters level 32 titan, warlock, hunter i'm always on from 5pm, if you see me invite me, weekly challenges


pvp, profanity ok, pve, parent, raid!

Gim Allon

xbox one, titan, headset, striker, sunbreaker, defender


parent, pve, pvp, raid, weekly challenges


if you shoot the cup before explanations are done i will leave, if you're gonna wipe you're gonna have to wait., profanity yes, sherpa, chill, no hype music


weekly challenges, gambit fanatic, raider, sherpa, pve


epcb, meat shield, profanity ok, pvp, pve, slacker