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  • 08:00 AM PDT - MON 05/29
  • PC
  • Fight the Past
  • Mic required
  • 5 Players / 6

Red Border run. Fun and considerate Guardians, please. Join Discord and provide Bungie name BEFORE start so I do not miss you.

kali farm, hunters gg, star eaters, titan alpha lupi bubble run for one or two hours.

fresh run be chill have fun



parent, xbox ambassador


pve, pvp, adult, microphone, profanity ok

A Mad Bloke

hunter, titan, warlock

parent, pve, casual, warlock, titan, microphone

pve, parent, profanity ok, hunter, raider

xbox one, adult, pvp, 305 hunter, 305 warlock, 305 titan


pvp, raider, mayhen clash, sherpa, warlock ♡, dutch/german/english


hunter celestial, titan 335, warlock 335, play day time, play night time, uk based

titan, warlock, hunter, pve, parent, serious but chill