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Run harbinger, presage, heresy and prophecy just because.

For the bounties and wins and losses. Run one hour be chill have fun.

Run for an hour clear is we can add is not run the 1330 nf

Bounties and a win or two along the way run for an hour. Be chill have fun.

Finally at light so would like to run for fun and maybe an adept gun? Be chill bring your skills I have none 😜

fresh run, spoils, gear and guns. Be chill have fun.

bounties, tokens and some wins. not a sweat fest just weekly bounties and wins and losses until done with three toons. be chill have patience.

Fresh run spoils, guns, gear and fun. Be chill have fun.



titan, hunter, warlock. raider, pve, pvp, sherpa and just all round good guy.


profanity ok, parent, microphone, titan, raid rookie


pvp, no matter where you go... there you are., pve



sherpa, warlock, hunter, titan, profanity ok, parent

hunter, xbox one, microphone, weekly challenges, titan

pvp, pve, parent, hunter main

pve, parent, profanity ok


pve, pvp, weekly challenges, titan, raider

likes candy, titan, defender, seriously not serious, poops purple balls