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Have a good time🎉, play smart🚀, and don't stand in the fire🔥!

Well, hello there fellow Guardian... I see you’ve stumbled across the '700 that once reached beyond the stars but these days has to settle for planet Earth. We have outposts all over the EDZ, old North America and the great north. So you’ll never be short of someone to game with whether that'll be Raiding, Strikes, Story Missions, Crucible or just chilling and busting some high fives in the Tower.

We play the game for fun but will always enjoy getting the job done in the best of ways - cracking jokes and being part of a team, but also being focused when required and enjoying the experience. Being part of 700 Ways to Die in the world of Destiny means you will represent the best of what we stand for, and you'll find more about that in the 700 Ways to Die Clan Info tab. For now, sign up to our 100 Group, and start joining games and posting.

The 700 Clan is a good group of gamers that love to push end game content. We are a semi-casual group that loves to raid and do end game content. We are an active clan that will help sherpa clanmates, and we also stream on both twitch and Facebook gaming! Please remember that "reserve" does not automatically add you as an attendee if a spot becomes available, please use the "waitlist" functionality instead.

700 Ways to Die - The official clan of BC700

Link to 700 Ways To Die Discord Channel

Number of Raid Exotics dropped

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sherpa, parent, raider, pve, ban binkie

Upcoming Games


All players and skill levels welcome! One full clear then two boss checkpoints hop on in if you need the rocket, first time attempting, or just wanna run it.

Sherpa Requested! PC raid night! Divinity pt. 2

Sherpa requested, as I’m not a D1 vet. That said; let’s gooooo!

We're pushing him off with solar grenades

Vault of Glass??? Never heard of it. Might be fun. Let’s give it a shot.

  • 07:00 PM PDT - FRI 08/27
  • Xbox
  • 700 Ways to Die
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 3
  • 28 waitlist
  • 11 reserves

700 Ways to Die Ban Hammer Totem.... Lets see who is coming back for beyond light! See you out there!

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raids, strikes, challenges, pvp, pve, warlock, voidwalker, alt hunter

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