Clan of DOGS (We are Alpha DOGS, DOGS Soldiers) [DOGS]

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We are the [DOGS]

We are a friendly, international clan of older gamers (30+ years old.)
This group is for XBOX ONE (Our PS4 group is here.)
For us, it's all about camaraderie, fun and friendship before score and skill.
Please don't hesitate to post up any games you see fit. Just remember to make them as far in advance as possible to give others time to join up. Timezones are automatically converted in games, so just set what's best for you.

Clan News
Beyond light releases 10th November The deluxe edition includes the whole year of content.

When creating or joining an activity, please use the following times as a guide to estimate the time required. This list is based on experienced players, playing at or near max light level for that given activity. This list does not allow for challange modes or Sherpa runs.

  • ---- Lair 1: Eater of world's Prestige - 2 to 3 hours

Group Ettiquite

PLEASE NOTE: Please try and be an active member of [DOGS]. After 30 days of inactivity in this group, you will be automatically removed. You will be emailed with a warning before this happens. If you are removed, feel free to rejoin.
And remember above all else, too have fun and shoot stuff!!


spawn flipper, freelancer, sherpa

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shoot shit, don't die, thats a wipe, t bag as necessary


hunter, titan, warlock

parent, team friendly player, profanity ok

profanity ok, raid rookie, pvp

pvp, pve

Orochi uk

parent, spanker, silly walks, whisper help, profanity ok, ex-sherpa

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warlock, titan, hunter, sherpa, pve, pvp

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VexedFromOz, Orochi uk