This is a shared account with my son. By day my son plays with a defender titan who likes to melee with Saint 14 helmet. By night I'm now a Warlock. SPACE MAGIC for the win! Learning to run raids better and share what I've learned with everyone.

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parent, profanity ok, raid rookie, pvp, vanguard, ps4

34 hunter, 32 warlock, vog, crota, poe, nightfall, raider, weekly challenges, microphone


destiny day 1, destiny 2 day 1, no longer raid rookie, profanity perfectly ok, no longer warlock only, crucible rage (not rage quitting)


d983, the 100, warlock, chill runs, poe, nightfalls, raids, crucible, beautiful victoria bc

profanity ok, parent, have mic., usually free between ~10:00 pm - 1:30 am est.


pve, mic, titan, hunter, warlock, d1 raid vet


warlock, hunter, titan, well-endowed and all around ass kicker, shit talker extraordinaire, no fucking profanity


adults only, raider, sherpa, weekly challenges, sword, relic


pve, raider

weekdays, warlock, afternoons