Love Destiny like no other game ever. I'm an older gamer who'd like to find a fun and reliable group to run Nightfalls Weekly Heroic and POE. What I've lost in fast twitch reflexes, I try to make up for with a level head and a steady hand, Oh and Wolfpack rounds - lots and lots of Wolfpack rounds.



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profanity ok, parent, have mic., usually free between ~10:00 pm - 1:30 am est.

warlock, mic, stormcaller, titan, blessings

touch of malice, microphone, ps4


raidchampion, titan, warlock, hunter

weekdays, warlock, afternoons


pve, 3 guardians, just want to have fun


weekly challenges, microphone, raiding, team player, ps4, attempting to become number 1 jumper


parent, profanity ok, pve, hunter, titan, warlock, pvp, tom, spindle

sherpa, warlock, titan, ps4, hunter, microphone

blade dancer, vino, stormcaller, cat owner, pvp, parent