Easy going player. I'm willing to help people out and do more serious gaming as well.

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sleeper simulant, sherpa, profanity ok, parent, raider, hunter

funny, gunner, witcher

touch of malice, hunter, titan, warlock, xbox one, student

gunslinger, military, raider

xbox one, gunslinger, hunter

Low on Ammo

profanity very ok, profanity ok, coors_is_a_diddler, hunters_are_squishy, sunbro, sherpa

medic fmf

pvp, titan warlock, microphone, year one, sherpa, pve

raids, pvp, despot sa/5

sherpa, vog, ce, hunter, titan, pvp

pvp, coors_is_a_diddler, diddlin_diddlin_diddlin_boyz, gorgon, gorgeous (rumored), titan