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Delta Company 729 PC casual | members: 94 | activity score: 5

"The 100 (Gorgeous) Gorgons"

avg. age: 21   mics required
Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

We are a casual group of players who usually play Weekdays Latenight and Weekends UTC. Our average age is 21. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!

Note from group mod:

Gorgeous Gorgons
Leave no Gorgon behind

Leave no Gorgon behind. An effort will always be made to include all current members of the Gorgeous Gorgons in game sessions. This can be done by ensuring there are universal understandings on etiquette in game sessions between Gorgons. Use the Party Size tool to indicate how many non-Gorgon friends you already have with you before you create the session; use the chat board within each session to communicate; and work out issues with oversized sessions in a fair and decent manner that leaves everyone feeling Gorgeous. Except hip, for he lies about confluxes.

Gorgons understand Gorgons

Gorgons understand Gorgons. Members of GG understand that for a vast majority of us, the only place we interact will be across the digital highway, and that all of us Gorgons have lives in the real world. A Gorgon's priorities are his own, and respect is owed to each and every GG member as to personal responsibilities. Be honest with fellow Gorgons when possible about time constraints before your departure from any communication or interaction, and in return those Gorgons that continue to press on in battle, having peace of mind about when they may one day fight alongside their fellow guardian.

Gorgons live Gorgeous lives

Gorgons live Gorgeous lives. We all come from different walks of Earth, and all have work, social, and family responsibilities. Go be Gorgeous, fellow Gorgon. It was simply our Destiny to become true Gorgon brothers on digital battlefields together, so that the spirit of being Gorgeous may be with us in all of life's battles.

Join the Gorgeous Gorgon Clan


Nightfall information coming soon


Raid information coming soon


Weekly schedule coming. Stay Tuned!

Group Games:

Destiny 2

Group Moderators: (?)


Group Sherpas: (?)

Geck74, Am3ricanPsych0x, Heizenburke, hipsterrunoff, CrypticRug7590,

Upcoming Games

  • Wednesday, 02/19 PST
  • PC
  • Delta Company 729
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 1 Player / 6

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04:30 PM Raid - Last Wish

Let’s hunt those eggs and dirty bones!

Game over
  • Tuesday, 02/18 PST
  • PC
  • Delta Company 729
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 4 Players / 6

04:00 PM Adventures

Marvel as south struggles with simple things.

Game over
Game over
  • Monday, 02/17 PST
  • PC
  • Delta Company 729
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 3 Players / 6
Game over

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