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It was the best of times, but mostly the worst of times. A crazy 2 floor dps in round one was nearly lost, but saved by the perfect stun on floor 2. But on floor 3 it nearly unraveled by an errant overload. Now, the final challenge.

Another attempt at the challenge for that sweet sweet title. Or, maybe it's time to go get that Flawless Deep Stone Crypt.

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Last week, an errant sunspot ruined getting a challenge completed on the 1st go. Now, Grim has two Master raid challenges left before he gets the title. This week, overloads are on the menu. But that's not Grim's problem!

All players and skill levels welcome! A raid because Grim is putting off doing his solo Duality run. Or is he?

Looking to get the catalyst. I'll try and watch a video.




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