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Bow, Glaive, Sword run for the triumph. Please have experience with the dungeon.

Last week, an errant golden gun murdered an oversoul too soon and Mark paid the price. After that, it all went downhill. This week, another flawless attempt. KT is gone so I guess Grim is on sword duty.

Flawless Run? Grim is continuing his trend of non-meta loadouts. Dragon's Breath said everything will be okay.

Recent Games

Hunter, shmunter. According to KT, Titan is where it's at. Grim is a titan main on this flawless run.

Another full run, cause Grim needs to finish that collection. But his vault is already full. What to do?

Last week, the Flawless run was ruined by several eager runners and titan punches. This week, Grim's a hunter main. Flawless until someone clips that pendulum.

Thank God! Everyone has featherlight. Though Grim is sad he didn't get to see Mark's triumphant run. Now that it's the long and winding season, time to finish those flawless runs. Flawless Crota for the win!

Void run for the triumph. AKA switch at the end according to KT

New season, new dungeon, means new triumphs and more chances for Grim not to get the exotic. Random teams or split up based on experience

New Dungeon, who dis? Looking for an easy going group to knock out the new dungeon. Hopefully, I'll have had time to read up on the mechanics.

All players and skill levels welcome! New dungeon. Start time is flexible




sherpa, epic mod, alpha clan admin

parent, sporadic playing times, xbox one, titan, defender


shoot shit, don't die, thats a wipe, t bag as necessary



profanity encouraged, warlock, hunter, titan

i drink the dark, if you're reading these tags you must be bored, my vision is confluent, avenging praedyth, defying the abyss, bringing your fate


sherpa, pvp, pve


profanity ok, pve, pvp, veteran raider


hunter, warlock, titan, pve, parent, extremely chill