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Last week, Master Vow was completed and all KT got was an Adept Glaive. Time to start at the beginning and knock out the remaining Master challenges. Swift Destruction is on the menu today.

Recent Games

The season is winding down. Time to get that Master Vow clear.

After farming Guardian Angel medals, Grim needs to raise his PvE KD. Along the way, maybe finish a one time triumph or try new roles. Boss 3x if there's time - I need more exotic disappointment.

Maximum score requires maximum sacrifice. Once again, it's time to get busy dying and get busy reviving. Say rip to your PvE kd. Along the way hopefully we can earn that 10% high score.

Triumphs? Once more unto the breach. Fresh run with an attempt at the fixed triumphs- you know the ones that make you wanna die. Boss 3X.



hunter, warlock, titan, pve, parent, extremely chill


hunter, titan, warlock


most likely to fall off the nearest edge, chill and patient, profanity ok, here for the giggles

oldman, parent, pve, pvp, aarp

hunter, warlock, xbox one


pvp, pve


let's shoot everything, no richards, pve, parent, profanity a must

parent, team friendly player, profanity ok

titan, hunter, pve


pve, pvp, profanity preferred, sherpa, parent