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Upcoming Games

Flawless VoD run because I can never get enough of that jumping puzzle. No meme loadouts until there's a death.

Flawless Mountain Top edition. This is the run where Mark learns to love heat rises and mountain top skipping.

Recent Games

Yet another flawless attempt, angled jumping puzzles be damned.

Gremlins and random network issues prevented a flawless run. However, Bean showed the best warlock main, easily clears the jumping puzzle.

Legend run for the triumph. Last week, there was much disappointment and random wipes. This week, random teams for the win.

This week's whisper quest and maybe the oracles

Another Flawless attempt, unless it's time to try RoN. I'm which case, practice, practice, practice.

Last week was not Mark's PvP nor PvE week. A few, who shall not be named went back to back flawless. This week, another flawless attempt.

Onslaught and onslaught related triumphs. Random teams.

Into the light had dropped. Time to experience some Onslaught. 50 waves? Pie said he's doing the carry. All aboard.



sherpa, epic mod, alpha clan admin


profanity ok, pve, raids, single parent, mic, pvp

Drummer Craig

chill, parent, pve, there should be a triumph for dying the most...

Firefly Wave

chill, fun, pve, pvp, titan, profanity ok


profanity encouraged, warlock, hunter, titan


raider, all classes, parent, microphone

parents, parent, microphone, pve, us pacific time


profanity ok, pve, pvp, veteran raider