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Legendary Campaign starting at mission 4. Spots reserved for RiverZeus and NufSaid22. Reserves welcome.

All players and skill levels welcome! Starting off the legendary campaign. We can go as far as the group wants.

  • 05:00 PM PDT - SAT 05/07
  • Xbox
  • Sons Of Destiny
  • Mic required
  • 6 Players / 6
  • 2 waitlist

All players and skill levels welcome! We are running this Raid blind. We figure out each encounter on our own. We are currently on the third encounter. Adults only (30+).


pve, parent, raid rookie


clutch master, raid strategist, genius billionaire playboy philanthropist

Kain Maxim

hunter, microphone required, hardcore, competitive, play 10+ hours a week, beginners welcome


sunsinger, warlock, night stalker, gunslinging, blade dancing hunter

profanity ok, pve, just a dude playing games


warlock, titan, raids, hunter


pve, pvp, parent, sherpa, profanity ok


profanity ok, pve, raid rookie, parent, calm


no profanity unless over 25