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Security encounter Farm for Trustee, run for 1 or 2 hours ... know the encounter or willing to learn it be chill have fun. Setup as a fireteam but it is 6 guardian raid team sign up as waitlist if you want in first or reserve if you can wait to join.



pve, parent, profanity ok, raid veteran


profanity ok, pve, pvp, parent, raid


pve, pvp if my arm is twisted, raid! raid! raid!

hard mode raider, titan, year 1 guardian, punchbro, bubblebro, hammerbro


college students, profanity ok, sherpa, chill, pvp, pve

pvp, weekly challenges, pve

squidy p

chill, parent, jumping fool, sherpa, warlock, titan

pvp, pve, raid rookie

xbox one, warlock, sunsinger


husband, parent, warlock, microphone, hunter, xbox one