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Chill group. Loves playing video games, having fun, shooting the shit. All we ask is that you try your best. You are safe here. You are never wrong to do the right thing!
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We're a bunch of like-minded individuals, brought together by playing games. We started this group with The Division, and eventually branched out to other games. We have players from multiple time zones, mainly Europe and US. Average age just above 30 and love to chat, so bring a working microphone! Be sure to install discord for chat/voice and to join us on discord:
Delta 7432
We are Delta 743, welcome, there is always something going on. Oh and the chat can get very random at times. despite what chat suggests we do more than just play pvp, they are just the loudest ones. Please be respectful to other members of the group. Keep the chat civil and positive.
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Pretty chill clan based out of Saskatchewan, Canada mostly and we have an Aussie! We usually play on evenings and weekends on CST. Like to have fun doing raids, nightfalls, and Ben is our crucible coach.
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Welcome all new Deltas! please use the Discord chat link in the gold Clan Chat button below to introduce yourself! For those who haven't checked discord, I'm sad to report Delta 123 lost one of our own, XtremeCrash Passed away unexpectedly at the end of July. Please keep him in your thoughts. See you Starside Guardian.
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Most members live in the Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone. Our average age is 26. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!
Destiny the taken king oryx  1
A group for those seriously interested in completing the Destiny Raids. We are a group of guys and gals, chilling and grilling to the raid atmosphere. A helpful, yet great group of cohorts. We are available for setting up raids per the 100. Glad to have ya and happy raiding!
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***NOTE: THIS IS PRIMARILY AN XBOX ONE GROUP*** This is Delta Company 737. Our serious members belong to clan Sticky Badger and span multiple groups. We are a "serious" group of guardians who usually play between 06:00 PM EST and 12:00 AM EST For those of you who aren't in the Eastern Time zone our play times are listed at the top of the page in your preferred time zone. Our average age is around 16-20 and our average guardian level is between 280 and 330. Don't worry about your level too much. If you know what you're doing and/or will listen to advice you will likely fit in just fine. We like to communicate so mics are important, like you better be damned good if you don't have one. If that all sounds chill to you, then set up some games!
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Welcome to Delta Company 687. This is story of a group of guardians who were handpicked by RNGesus to form the least formidable army known to the galaxy. Our one aim in life is to complete one mission without losing interest. If interested in joining the clan based off of this group you may join at
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Newish PvP group. Profanity and humor required, casually serious, no ragers. 420.

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