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Delta Company 687 Xbox One casual | members: 65 | activity score: 0

avg. age: 20   mics required
Americas - most members are London time zone.

Welcome to Delta Company 687. This is story of a group of guardians who were handpicked by RNGesus to form the least formidable army known to the galaxy. Our one aim in life is to complete one mission without losing interest. If interested in joining the clan based off of this group you may join at

Note from group mod:

Hello all, sorry that this place is very quiet but a lot of the long time members that used to be on here two years ago do not use this site much anymore. We want to include everyone that joins this site in our group so feel free to message me if you want help with anything. If I am around I will do all I can to accommodate you and introduce you to the rest of our group. I want to give back to this site that helped me meet the people that I know as friends today. Hopefully we can make that same bond.

Group Games:

The Division
Grand Theft Auto 5
Rocket League
Battlefield 1
Destiny 2

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