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Echo Company 59 | PS4 | casual | members: 103 | avg. age: 36 | mics required | Central Time (US & Canada)

Chill group. Loves playing video games, having fun, shooting the shit. All we ask is that you try your best. You are safe here. You are never wrong to do the right thing!

Bravo Company 28 | PC | casual | members: 197 | avg. age: 32 | mics required | London

We're a bunch of like-minded individuals, brought together by playing games. We started this group with The Division, and eventually branched out to other games. We have players from multiple time zones, mainly Europe and US. Average age just above 30 and love to chat, so bring a working microphone! Be sure to install discord for chat/voice and to join us on discord: https://discord.gg/rSSm93E

Supercore Lit | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 26 | avg. age: 30 | mics required | America/Detroit

Supercore LiT Clan group. Adult group that raids... a lot. Sounds like you, get in touch on the Bungie site https://www.bungie.net/en/Clan/Forum/2011628

DPS4 Sub Clan | PS4 | private group | casual | members: 22 | avg. age: 21 | mics required | Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Ragtag bunch of guardians who wanna beat up space gods and laugh.

Delta Company 633 | PS4 | casual | members: 84 | avg. age: 27


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