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Grim got that new Exotic helmet. Does that mean he's on Div duty? Not if he's not running warlock. Full run for the red border chest

The only thing grim is wishing for is some red borders. Full run for the red border chest. Riven 3x for the extra keys. Then a Queen's walk to close it out

Recent Games

Last week, Grim may not have been an 11 but he got that sweet shotgun. This week, we start fresh. It's a raid double header. Full red border run. Followed by the reprised raid (full or boss CP).

A new dungeon dropped and Grim is looking for that first clear. To avoid any elitist attitude, please be rank 6 or 7. I'm just a filthy casual. We can split into random teams if there's interest.


pvp, raid rookie, pve


profanity ok, pve, just a dude playing games

pve, pvp, warlock, titan, hunter, xbox one


friendly, easygoing, mic, pvp, pve


sherpa, raids, hunter, quests, warlock, bounties


pve, xbox one, microphone, orbdunker, pc

Splendy, The Tire God

cooking, kids welcome, microphone required, casual, americas, pve


beginners welcome, microphone required, play 10+ hours a week, outdoors, pve, coffeesnob


raider, parent, profanity ok, pve, pvp