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If only there was a wish to get rid of weasel errors. Full run for the red border.

As I recall, it's 6 Psions and a champ that stand between you and victory. Bring your big guardian burst DPS.

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The only thing grim is wishing for is some red borders. Full run for the red border chest. Riven 3x for the extra keys. Then a Queen's walk to close it out

Grim got that new Exotic helmet. Does that mean he's on Div duty? Not if he's not running warlock. Full run for the red border chest

Last week, Grim may not have been an 11 but he got that sweet shotgun. This week, we start fresh. It's a raid double header. Full red border run. Followed by the reprised raid (full or boss CP).



profanity ok, pve, parent


profanity ok, pve, pvp, veteran raider


vog relic holder, oryx, crota swordbearer, sherpa, flawless raider sherpa, speaker of bad puns

pve, profanity ok, female

Lt Traxler


most likely to fall off the nearest edge, chill and patient, profanity ok, here for the giggles


parent, u.k. time zone . on at random times, profanity ok

hunter, warlock, xbox one


i love lamp, profanity encouraged, pvp, sherpa, slightly average raider


"it is inevitable"