Very very casual player. Would love to play more and get better so I'm willing to jump in when I'm on to help out. Love to pay it forward for all the help I have gotten.

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bladedancer, microphone, hunter, sherpa, swordbearer

hunter alt, pve, student, gjallarhorn, outbreak prime, sleeper simulant



pve, xbox 360, parent, xbox one, sherpa

titan, warlock, hunter, microphone, sherpa

beer and guns, jumping puzzle aficionado, sherpa, professional daddy, chilled but skilled, skolass kicker

[email protected]

raid rookie, wombat enthusiast, titan, hunter, warlock, pve


profanity ok, pvp, pve


blend in with the shrubbery! !!, sherpa value is equivalent to a potato, hide and go seek genius, has plenty of 2x4s if you need one, xbone, student