Sherpa (too many completions to count) , Alpha Guardian since day 1, dedicated to teach, Titans-R-Us, professional dad, educated redneck, have guitar will travel, we got guns and $#!T

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bladedancer, microphone, hunter, sherpa, swordbearer

hunter, microphone, xbox one

parent, gjally member, raider, warlock, gunslinger, titan, defender

hunter, microphone, titan, warlock, sporadic play

Main avatar new

raider, sherpa, parent, time-traveler, hunter, titan

defender, wolf hunter, bladedancer, microphone, father, crota

striker, weekly challenges, pvp

allaroundbadass, warlock, raider, sunsinger, sherpa, hardmode

Main matthew scott
el rolio

sherpa, weekly challenges, defender, voidwalker, prison of elders, raider

parent, pve, weekly challenges