Nothing no video games

Mic required
No level required
4 Players / 4
6 reserves


Main danger57
blehmeng blehmeng creator

wait guys what are we doing, do i shoot on one or fire?, warlock master race

Main capture

r4vdl r4vdl

parent, hunter, warlock, titan, pvp meatshield, raids

Main 4530f377 6f9c 450d bb58 58ab301badfc
cozyjamas cozyjamas

xbox one, sunsinger, ihatetags

reserve players:

Main friends battle boba fett deadpool demotivational poster 1236462913
Project Mako Project Mako

last titan standing, pve, mic, xbox one, titan, warlock

Reverend Doom Reverend Doom

microphone, raids, nightfall, titan, warlock, hunter

Main screen shot 2017 03 23 at 5.08.36 pm
McMadWon McMadWon

pvp, profanity ok, pve

Main 101812 1
V3773H34D V3773H34D

peep, defender, gunslinger, mad dps, play rumble, scrub!

Main allknight
AllKnight AllKnight

microphone, adult, pvp, pve, profanity ok

Main 3187f12ade7c573a4a9c73e82bcf9979  t shirt print cat memes  2
Judy Cudd Judy Cudd

pvp, pve, raid rookie

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