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How To Get The Other Discord Bot

Click the Discord icon near the top of your clan page, or group mods can find it on the edit group page. Then follow the instructions through the discord interface. Note: You must add both the webhook and the bot for it to be fully functional.

Setting Up The Discord Bot

After you have added the bot to your discord, you can adjust some settings via your edit group page on the site and clicking the edit discord integration. This is where you can set it to Post New Games, Post Game Time Changes, Post Players Leaving and Joining Games, or Remove Discord Bot. Note: to fully remove the bot, you will also need to kick it from Discord and delete the webhook

Time Zones

When the bot posts, it posts based off of the time zone set on your groups settings on the100.io. When you, the user, create a game with the !create command, it uses the time zone from your user profile on the100.io and then will convert to the groups time zone when it posts in discord.

Bot Commands


Triggers the bot to issue a link via Discord DM to connect your discord username to The100.io.


Posts a numbered list, 1 to 10, of the next 10 upcoming group games.

!join #

Joins you into the game numbered #, where # is a number 1 to 10 from the !games command. The !games command must be run before the !join command can be used.

!leave #

Leaves the game numbered #, where # is a number 1 to 10 from the !games command. The !games command must be run before the !leave command can be used.

!create group platform activity date & time "description"

Creates a gaming session on the100.io for the activity at the chosen date & time with the following "optional description" , optional platform and sets it to group only if included in the string.

  • activity is the game activity you want to create.
  • date & time is the date and time you want the session created. See allowable formats on the bottom of the page.
  • group is an optional item that you can add if you want to set the game to group only and not be listed on the public games page.
  • platform is an optional item you can add where you can enter the following to specify your platform: ps4, psn, playstation, xbox, xb1, xbone, and PC.
  • "optional description" is an optional item you can include if you want to describe your session or add details. Note: the description must be in "quotes"
  • To choose a game other than Other, include the game name in the text string: !create game name activity date & time


!create Other raid in 3 hours
!create Other raid tomorrow at 5pm "this is my awesome description"
!create Other raid this friday 7pm
!create Other raid next saturday at 4pm "lets see what we can find out there"
!create Other custom game tomorrow at 2pm

Allowed Time Formats:

friday 13:00
mon 2:35
10 to 8
10 past 2
half past 2
6 in the morning
friday 1pm
sat 7 in the evening
next week at 2:00
this tuesday
next month
this morning
yesterday at 4:00
next friday at 20:00
tomorrow at 6:45pm
afternoon tomorrow
5 months from now
7 days from now
1 week hence
in 3 hours
7 hours before tomorrow at noon
3rd wednesday in november
3rd month next year
3rd thursday this september
4th day last week
fourteenth of june 2019 at eleven o'clock in the evening
January 5
22nd of june
5th may 2017
February twenty first
dec 25
may 27th
October 2006
oct 06
jan 3 2010
february 14, 2004
february 14th, 2004
3 jan 2000
17 april 85
January 5 at 7pm
22nd of june at 8am
2018-05-27 05:00:00
03/01/2018 07:25:09.234567

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