We're just a group of Overwatch players who like to play both seriously and casually, and we love to teach new players the ropes!

We have weekly competitive sessions and arcade sessions hosted by our mods :) and plenty of other sessions created for different times of day and week!

If you know you’re going to be on to play at a certain time and you want to group up, make a session for it!

You want to make sessions at least a few hours in advance, and you want to specify what you want to play in the session, and any rules if you have them.



We feel the best teams work well off the field as well as on it, so if you want to make friends, chat, and have a good time, then join our Discord! (link down below)

The setup is super easy, and if you want to join an impromptu session it's super easy to find teammates in chat! (Dank memes included)

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If you play Destiny, be sure to check out our parent group EPIC!

Everyday Player in Combat Homepage

Upcoming Games:

  • Friday, 01/01 EST
  • Xbox One
  • Bravo Company 360
  • No level required
  • Mic required
  • 19 Players / 50

12:00 AM Overwatch - Competitive Play

Sherpa Requested! All players and skill levels welcome! RECRUITMENT - Welcome to Bravo Company 360! Please be advised that we use Discord primarily for chat, so joining this post will notify us there so we can help get you settled in!

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