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Dirty Old Gamerz

This is an Adult only group (21+)

Welcome to our clan page. Not all of our games are posted up here, so please be sure to join our discord server to chat with our members.

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This group has chosen to make all games private.

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parent, profanity ok, that'll be the end of it. i will not look for you., will blow bloody doors off, done some raids, would like to end up in an old folks home where a nice man comes and shows us owls twice a year

Scoot 0069

pve, raid helper, pvp, iron banner, no pressure, team player, profanity ok


pve, raid rookie, nightfall, weekly strike, profanity ok, casual


available any time, nightfall, titan, fun, weekly, raid

Pappy 8 Kidz

sherpa, profanity ok, guardian of the coffee cup! old man on a couch. nemesis of cent. destroyer of worlds...and t-shirts, pve

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oXRagin MooseXo


raids, weeklies, dailies, mic, xbox 1, sherpa

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Low Sodium Destiny

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