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The Insane Pack Xbox One casual | members: 124 | activity score: 0

"A S Y L U M."

avg. age: 33   mics required   parents   college students
Europe - most members are London time zone.

Hey Guardians we're a group on the 100 with a mix of various skill levels. It was started up to help support new and old guardians looking for a chilled time. We have a basis of some great veterans to help guardians through the quests. We encourage positive and Happy Gaming so everyone has a great experience whilst battling the enemy either in a Raid of PvP. We play between the hours of 8am till 2am GMT so odds are there's usually someone about to chill with.

Note from group mod:

Clan Info "The Insane Pack"

Love Destiny, Chilled out players and Having fun? Then look no further than The Insane Pack.

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Group Games:

Destiny 2
Borderlands 3

Group Moderators: (?)

Philfoofighter (F1lthy_Phil)
Rancid Insane

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