Day 1, played since Alpha. Highly experienced Destiny addict. Team player PS4 & Xbox One. Father, Drummer extraordinaire and Cancer survivor. "Live it like its your last" support Cancer research!



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nightstalker, philfoofighter's alt/daughters account, ps4, gunslinger, hunter, titan


praise the voidlock, notrials, what's a pve?, pvp sometimes, former dankscoper now shotgun scumbag, pc

raids, pvp, pve, titan, hunter and warlock.

microphone, hunter, pve

microphone, hunter, pve, raider, ps4, have fun

pvp, pve, sherpa, microphone, parent

raider, pvp trials all weekend, very experienced in all the content in the game., mic

crucibleradio, sherpa, aksis slayer


profanity ok, pvp, pve, microphone, sherpa, raider