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Knights of YOLO PS4 casual | members: 3 | activity score: 0

avg. age: 34   mics required

Sick of rage quitters and screaming children claiming to have done terrible things with your mother’s numerous holes just because you overshot a jump? All around toxic, negative, and unrealistic standards of your average LFG groups? Our clan is dedicated to assuring that even the toughest encounters still feel fun and bring the laughs. We are a mature end-game PVE (Raids, Nightfalls, “stupid levers won’t freaking work!”, etc.) and casual PVP driven group, with a bit of dabbling in competitive PVP here or there. All levels of gamers are welcome, with our only requirements being positivity, a good attitude, a sense of humor and desire for sweet, sensual, illustrious loot. Drinking while playing is highly encouraged.

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Destiny 2

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