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GORILLA PUNCH SAINTS Xbox One casual | members: 1 | activity score: 0

"GORILLA PUNCH SAINTS Nonlinear Christian Gaming Group"

avg. age: 40   mics required

An "arcade style", multi game, family friendly alternative group for friends, family, and other such kinfolk to share and schedule game time together._THIS IS A SORT OF PLACEHOLDER AS THE PAGE WILL BE "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" THROUGH THE WINTER, BUT FEEL FREE TO JOIN UP AND TELL FRIENDS ETC.

Note from group mod:

First of all, HAPPY HoHo Holidays all you Suckaaaaz!! Check out my favorite Christmas Jam, it's a Hip Hop joint called JINGLE BELL KNOCK eNJOY AND gOD bLESS.

This group is being started to create a presceduling gaming community that lives past the mere life cycle of a single game. I feel a level of respect, decency and inclusiveness for ALL players in the family is still a sought after and worthwhile commodity that needs a home and given time to grow (think of a PG to PG-13 environment). This gives members a certain level of exspectancy for simple manners and the convenience of prescheduling games on the fly. GORILLA PUNCH SAINTS Gaming community has set these standards so that unabashed gutter language, negativity, name calling and the like DO NOT have to be commonplace annoyances just to play a game together. Colorful language should be rare and occassional but abusive use of foul language and abrasive attitudes will be removed without debate or warning and met with such people being permanatly banned from the group.

Please be aware that if posts are set to "PUBLIC" however, that members from 'other' groups can join and are not aware or obligated to such guidelines. So set games to "GROUP ONLY" in the post options if you want to strictly limit invitations to Gorilla members only. Members from other groups are welcome, but please be aware of our etiquette guidelines if you want to play and post with us AS A MEMBER. Thank you.

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Group Games:

Borderlands 3
Battlefield 1
Borderlands 2
Deep Rock Galactic
Destiny 2
Gears of War 5
Ghost Recon Wildlands
Halo 5: Guardians
Monster Hunter World
Rocket League
The Division 2
Titanfall 2

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