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Americas - most members are Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone.

We are a group who enjoy playing Destiny together and meeting new people. Many of us enjoy helping each other gear up and learn new mechanics in the game. We want everyone to be able to get their stuff done. So create or join sessions, respect any session requirements, ask for help, and most importantly, have fun.

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Destiny 2 Revealed - 5/18/2017

New Crota Raid Guide - 03/14/2016

Thanks to Eric vonEric 68 for writing this awesome guide for our site. A must read.


New Charlie Company 955 Clan!!!

Charlie Company 955 now has a clan. Click here to join... Also we are currently looking for someone who can write a guide for the Vault of Glass. If your interested please message a mod on the xbox and let them know ...thanks


---If you can't make a session you've signed up for please remove yourself from the activity asap.

--- Remember just because a session shows as full you can still join it as a reserve and if someone drops you're in

---If you create a session and then decide to leave it, please edit the session and delete it as there will be no one to co-ordinate the activity

---Sometimes a session doesn't get completed for whatever reason, just repost it as a continuation and get it done. .If you're posting a continuation of a session that did not get completed and you want to keep the original group together please clarify that the original players get priority over random signups in the session details

---When you create a game, you can check "Group Only" to limit the listing to CC-955 members. If your game isn't full a couple hours before the scheduled time, edit the game listing and uncheck that box to open it up to all of The100


Weekly Nightfall Advisor


Nightfall Activities are highly difficult weekly strikes refreshed each week along with regular weekly strikes.

Nightfall for the week ending September 26, 2017 05:00:00 EDT

The Undying Mind


Epic, Specialist, Juggler, Chaff, Exposure

Heroic, Specialist, Exposure, Airborne.

****Over---- Until Next Time Guardians****

Earning Iron Banner Reputation

Here is a brief summary of information described in more detail:

Iron Banner reputation resets to zero at the beginning of each event. Gear begins dropping at rank 2, and you receive packages when you reach ranks 3 and 5. You receive reputation for completing Iron Banner bounties and winning matches. If you lose a match, you receive a medallion worth 80% of a win, which will automatically be cached in at your next win. You can stack as many as 5 medallions.

The amount of reputation you receive increases as the week progresses. Tuesdau: x1, Wednesday: x1.15, Thursday: x1.25, Friday: 1.40, Saturday: x1.6, Sunday: x2, Monday: x2.5. In addition, you get a x1.1 multiplier for each of the following items you have equipped: Iron Banner emblem, Iron Banner shader, Iron Banner class item, for a total of x1.33 if you have all three equipped.

Finally, you get a x2 multiplier for leveling up an alt with a lower rank: if your highest ranking character is rank 3, your alt ranks up twice as fast until the alt hits rank 3.

Be deliberate about turning in your brown weekly Iron Banner bounties! You can only complete these once per character during the week-long event, and they can be worth a massive amount of reputation if you turn them in later in the week. A post on reddit provides a complete guide on when to turn them in to guarantee your character reaches rank 5.


Next Trial of Osiris ----Aug 5 to Aug 8, 2016

Current Map: ?

5 Wins: ******

7 Wins: ******

At Destiny Trial Reports you can look up during matches your opponents stats and ELO Rating

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The Legendary Guardian?s Guide to WoTM

In order to truly ?Become Legend? use this guide to ensure you are propelling yourself, as well as your fireteam, to new heights of superiority in Wrath of the Machine.


Vosik P1

Obviously you already know the pacing strat ? that one where you take his shield down to a minimum the first round, and purposely leaving him alone so that you can maximize the SIVA DPS for the second round. Ignore all of that. Purposely toss that last red ball when no one is looking. When his shield is depleted too early, start asking in party chat which imbecile couldn?t follow simple instructions. This ensures your fireteam is alert for the rest of the raid and establishes your dominance as the de facto fireteam leader.

When Vosik retreats, head straight to the chest with your superior jumping skills. Open the chest immediately and ignore any requests to wait (especially from Warlocks). Your fireteam needs to understand that time is money. If someone calls you out on this, claim that the chest will disappear if Bungie thinks the FT isn?t interested in it and you?re doing it for the good of the group. Include liberal scoffing as you provide this obvious answer.


Jump Puzzle #1

Wait until someone (preferably a Warlock) is behind you and then intentionally set off the falling planks. Do not revive; instead, allow them the pleasure of re-doing the jump as they obviously need the practice. Ignore the surprise adds and let your group take care of them. After all, they?ll need all the freebies they can get in order to come even close to matching your inevitable kill count.

Do not point out location of secret chest #1. As with first chest, open it as soon as you get there and make your way to the Vosik P2. While waiting, make sure you audibly sigh and hum sarcastically to gently let your teammates know they are slow as f**k and need to step their game up.


Vosik P2

This encounter is an excellent fight as it will give you plenty of opportunity to berate your teammates for being so novice in both jumping, throwing charges, and DPSing. Emphasize the importance of left, right, and mid calling out when they are ready to throw. Then, count down as S-L-O-W-L-Y from 10 as possible. This will give your teammates a chance to practice evading surrounding mobs while they are unable to shoot. If anyone misses a throw, point it out on repeated occasions to help them improve.

Since you are clearly the best raider on the team, this guide assumes that someone else has been designated to call the safe room, as you ain?t got time to look out for that sh*t because you?re too busy damaging the boss. Ignore that the callout player told you in advance room priorities are back left, back right, front right, and front left ? instead call a random room of your choosing and throw a tantrum when the rest of the team goes in the opposite direction. Make sure you let the callout person know that it?s his/her fault for not being clear enough in communication and strategy. Feel free to use your own clean room instead of wiping. This motivates the team to complete the encounter in a more efficient manner.

Do not help with monitors as monitors are for sissies and you need to carry the team with DPS. If SIVA density reaches critical secondary to monitors, yell at your team for being massively incompetent.

Let your partner attack the yellow captains that spawn. If it were you, you wouldn?t want to share your yellow bar-killing glory with anyone else, so you?re just being respectful of your partner?s one opportunity to contribute to the raid. Go ahead and tuck yourself in the back corner while your partner does this.

When the encounter ends, run toward the next fight as soon as possible. If you are ambushed by explosive shanks in the tunnel, scream into your headset and demand an answer as to why no one was ready to back you up. After all, there is no ?I? in ?TEAM.?


Death Zamboni P1

You have successfully carried your team to the Siege Engine and it?s time to demonstrate your elite leadership qualities. It is vitally important to save your super for the second phase as your survival as top tier raider is of paramount importance, so do not blow them on adds. To make sure others don?t get in your way, snipe from the right side (facing the Siege Engine). If you die because of adds/skiff mines, your fireteam has failed you. If your team miraculously gets it together, make that epic diagonal jump onto the engine and make sure you ask your team repeatedly if they saw your superior verticality skills.

If you die trying to make the jump, it?s your team?s fault for not taking the engine down sooner. Let them know since communication is an integral part of the raid.


Death Zamboni P2

There are two paths to bring the parts to the Zamboni. Insist on the top path even if your fireteam members feel uncomfortable crossing the narrow beam. When they decline, pick up the first part you see and carry it across the beam anyway. When you drop the part accidentally on the lower level, play it off like you did it on purpose to teach your fireteam a lesson. Abandon the part and let someone else get it.

As usual, you need to save your super to ensure that you survive and make it up to the engine, where the best player will kill Meksis, the Captain. Ignore teammates that need to be revived as time is of the essence, jump unto the zamboni and let loose with your primary weapon. You need to save that precious heavy ammo for Aksis. If you are taken out by a skiff mine, passive-aggressively thank your dead teammates for not staying alive enough to tether the damn thing.

If you kill Meksis, your job is done. Sit down at the top of the ship and bark commands to the rest of your team at leisure.

Should your team manages to fix the engine, the zamboni will start moving again and eventually crash to the bottom of the sea. Do not alert anyone of this and let your team go over the edge. It?s a fitting metaphor for the quality of their playing. Spend some time dancing at the top before jumping down, grabbing loot, and then going for the last exotic chest. Again, the chest will disappear so don?t wait for everyone to arrive before opening it. If people?s parkour skills are not optimal make sure you sword swipe them on the last jump to the pipe and deny them the chest. It?s obvious they need more practice.


Aksis P1

A quality guardian is one with prime situational awareness. Too much noise can distract less competent players from focusing on the task at hand. To help people concentrate, make sure you?re not using any callouts. Additionally, it is very helpful to alternate between being a cannoneer and a bomb thrower each phase as it keeps your weaker partner from being too overwhelmed by the demands of either job for too long.

For the third round, it?s important to start with the most important target in the middle and work your way out. If you?re unsure if the rest of the team can throw decently, try to take out their side?s targets first, before focusing on your own. If any team member suggests that it is more helpful to start with the outer targets and work inward in case of a time crunch, or that you should focus on your own side?s target, retort that there should be no possessiveness in a raid and that all targets matter.

As a cannoneer, ensure your Servitor is literally sitting at home plate before going to kill it. This guarantees that all bombs become nicely clustered in the middle, allowing for one concentrated ?meeting point? for the bomb throwers in case they have to pick up after each other?s mess. Ignore the panicked screaming and shouts of ?Who?s got the (insert your element) canon???!!!? that will inevitably come as your Servitor settles at its home base. Unlike others, you do not panic. You transcend.


Aksis P2

Plebian groups at this point will use the common, pedestrian strategy of designated throwers/cannoneers, with throwers having first priority on empowerment zone callouts, followed by cannoneers. However, that really diminishes the intense, chaotic quality of this fight and only amateurs use such a tried-and-true strategy. Start the fight by pulling a Leeroy Jenkins and tickling Aksis in the chest before such arrangements can be made. Because people can get exhausted being on the same side all the time, make sure you cover a side you were not on previously.

After multiple wipes, you may have to acquiesce to your substandard teammates? demands and keep the same roles. But that doesn?t mean you can?t still respect the spirit of this encounter by contributing meaningfully to the slam phase. Call left/right as first priority. If someone calls the side before you, stay silent and ignore the ?first come, first served? guideline. You are generously providing the person and opportunity to move to the unclaimed side and get a fuller view of the environment.

When Aksis teleports to the pit, do not move. You are a badass and your team?s panicked shouting of ?pit pit pit? reeks of insecurity, and as such you cannot comply. Stare down the Guardian at the opposite end and force them to jump.? Use ?point? or ?taunt? emote as necessary to convey the point that you?re nobody?s b***h.

Should you be empowered again, call the side Aksis is already on to provide other guardians the opportunity to contribute usefully for once. As before, say nothing and stare down the other empowered Guardians as necessary.

Make sure you properly aim your jump at Aksis for the slam by holding down the ?A? button as long as possible to get maximum air time so you can properly aim for a landing zone. Too many Guardians rush the effort and miss. The way to combat this is to take a couple of seconds to visually scan Aksis for an appropriate target area, jump, and then suspend oneself in the air for as long as possible so you can delicately and gracefully land on his back, advancing the encounter with both precision and style.

Save all attacks, ammo, etc. only for after third slam. Do not use cannons since they take too long to charge.

During SIVA mites summons, jump to a random pillar of your choosing. This will ensure that there are not too many people on the same pillar which can cause inadvertent bump-and-grinds in the air, leading to deaths. When someone complains, point to the other confused Guardians who followed you to your pillar and indicate that you were being considerate of their needs.

When Aksis teleports back to his platform and summons his self-destruct sequence, sit down. Since Aksis is destroying himself, there is no need for the team at this point to damage him. If your team insists on you helping out and you are playing a Titan, you can get them to shut up by providing a weapons bubble, preferably right in front of team members who are about to fire rockets. Their attacks will be buffed and they will be very grateful to you. Otherwise, if you are playing any other classes, toss out a couple of grenades and melee gestures to put your team?s minds at ease.

When Aksis is dead, congratulations! You have carried your team through Wrath of the Machine.


Hard Mode Strategies

Not applicable. Legendary Guardians do not play Hard Mode as there are no revives. That goes against the spirit of Destiny as real guardians are immortal and revivable by their Ghost. A guardian that can?t be revived is not a true guardian. If anyone asks whether or not you play ?hard mode?, scoff and say you are better than that.




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Destiny ? Crota?s End Walkthrough

This walkthrough is intended for those that have never done the raid before. With that in mind, Crota?s End (CE) has some recurring themes. These are using swords and standing on plates usually to form a bridge that you will need to cross. With these themes in mind let?s talk about the various sections and the tasks that you will need to perform to complete each section.

The Hellmouth

After flying into the CE raid and appearing on the moon you will find yourself at a section of the Hellmouth that isn?t accessible unless you are doing the raid. In this section, just move forward until you find alarge round plate and stand on it. Standing on the plate will cause your controller to vibrate and will start a sequence that will end with a bridge that forms out over the Hellmouth. Once the bridge has completely formed, move to the end and jump down the hole. This will take you to the next section of the raid.

The Abyss ? The lamps

Once you start moving around in the Abyss (move away from the starting area), a game modifier called Weight of Darkness will be applied to each member of your fire team. This will stack until it reaches a maximum of 10, restricting your ability to do things like double jump and run. This is counteracted by having your crew briefly stand next to one of the lamps, lifting the Weight of Darkness in the reverse order (i.e. 10 to 9 to 8, etc.). Once anyone gets near one of these lamps a timer starts at the end of which they will start to go more of an orange color shortly before they explode. Any of your party standing near the lamp when it explodes will die. For this reason, you will want one person to coordinate when your party gathers near the lamp and when your party moves away and on to the next lamp. As you move away from a lamp you regain the Weight of Darkness modifier.

The goal here is to move from lamp to lamp as a team and removing the Weight of Darkness as much as possible as you go through. Coordinating the use of your Super to maintain a constant stream of orbs and supers is also a benefit. It is important to mention that unending hordes of Thrall and an occasional sword knight will be doing their best to kill you. You will also need to watch out for the large pits that exist between lamps(they are often hidden behind rocks). Fall into one of these pits and you will die.

For the lamps it is best to equip the MIDA Multi-tool. The increased movement speed and added agility will help you to move faster with the Weight of Darkness modifier. Other weapons that have increased agility are also beneficial if you don?t have the MIDA. Shotguns and Machineguns work well here too. For supers anything that helps with crowd control is a plus.

The Abyss ? The Bridge

After the final lamp you will find a large round plate. Standing on the plate (or even walking over it briefly) will start a timer that will cause a bridge to form. While waiting for the bridge to form your team will need to fight off three sword knights and two ogres in addition to plenty of other adds mostly in the form of thrall. Once the bridge is formed a message will appear stating that ?The way forward is clear?. Once you see this message, cross the bridge and continue forward into the light until you see the rewards appear and you will be through to the next section.

For the bridge section portion it is helpful to have sniper rifles and rocket launchers for the ogres that form some distance from thebridge but can still kill you with their eyebeams. Strategies for avoiding theadds include standing near the final lamp long enough to be able to double jumpagain, and then jumping onto one of the nearby rocks. If you follow this strategy be sure that you are far enough from the final lamp that it?s explosion doesn?t kill you. Blade Dancer hunters can kneel and use the Don?t Touch Me gauntlets to continuously go invisible to avoid the adds.

The Bridge

Yes, there are ways to cheese this section but I don?t teach cheese. If you want to learn how to cheat, find another walkthrough. Besides the game developers went to all the trouble of making this challenge that you paid good money for. Do you really want to waste that effort and money and miss out on the fun of beating it? I read that the developers put this section in to ensure that every person in the raid was required to carry the sword at some point.

There are two sides in this section. The side you start on (Home) and the side that you need to get to (Away). Each side has three plates(Left, Center & Right). To get to the other side you will need to stand onthe plates and form a bridge. Sound familiar?

Standing on the center plate will start the encounter and start the bridge forming. If someone is on the center plate, someone will needto be on BOTH the left and right plates at the same time, otherwise theAnnihilator Totems over the left and right plate will become angry and kill theentire party. For this reason, I like to insist that everyone on a side (Homeor Away) get on and off the plates together. You should identify one person to coordinate getting on and off of plates.

In addition to starting the bridge forming and starting the encounter, standing on the center plate will bring out a host of adds and one sword knight called the ?Swordbearer?. While maintaining your positions on the plates, you will need to kill the Swordbearer who will drop the sword. One of your party (someone not standing on a plate by themselves) will need to pick up the sword and immediately cross the (hopefully by then) fully formed bridge. It is important to note that only someone holding the sword may cross the bridge (others fall through). The party member with the sword will need to find a green sword knight on the Away side called the ?Gatekeeper? and kill it with about three swipes of the sword. The sword is the only weapon that will damage the Gatekeeper and the sword will disappear after a certain amount of time so it is imperative that you kill the Gatekeeper quickly.

The party member that crossed the bridge must then stay alive on the Away side while the rest of the party repeats the process on the Home side until three party members are across to the Away side. Once you have three party members on the Away side, the Away side will start forming the bridge by standing on the plates. The party members on the Home side will need to stay alive and kill the Swordbearer to grab the sword and move across the bridge to kill the Gatekeeper on the Away side but no longer need to be on the plates.

Once all party members are on the Away side, wizards will appear followed closely by an ogre on the left and right sides. Killing the two ogres ends the encounter and gives rewards. Once the encounter is finished the large doors on the Away side will open up and allow passage to the next section.

Any primary weapon will work here. I would suggest snipers and rocket launchers for the ogres though machine guns work well too. Any type of super works in this section.

The Thrallway

As the name suggests, this is a hallway that is full of thrall. Also in the hallway are two shriekers that are guarding an invisible barrier each. On starting the encounter (by entering the hallway) you will need to quickly destroy the shriekers (rocket launchers are best for this) and avoid the thrall and the purple death sperm emitted by the shriekers. Your fastest runners should concentrate on getting through the hallway as fast as possible while everyone else concentrates on the shriekers.

At the end of the hallway is a large hole and on the other side of the hole are doors that start closing as soon as the encounter is started. If a single party member makes it inside the doors, before they close, the doors will reopen and give access to a materials chest. Weather you make it through the doors or not, once you are ready, drop down the hole to begin the next section.

Ir Y?t - The Deathsinger ? Gaining Access

You'll enter the area on the bottom level and see two kneeling sword knights. Jump over the knights and you will see two staircases, one onthe left and another on the right. Each one of these leads to a door, and those doors both lead to the same room that sits in the middle of the second level and holds Ir Y?t (a named ?Ultra? Wizard). 

Assuming you have a full six-person fire team, have three members go left and three go right. One member from each three-person squad will go into the door at the top of each set of stairs, peeking in at the Deathsinger so that a Wizard will be triggered to come out of the room andfight. The other two members of each squad will take up a position on the platformson towers that are in the back corners of the room (from where you started) and provide a good vantage point to attack the Wizards that pop out on each side.The bait should join their team members as soon as possible to help take down their wizards.

The wizards have solar shields so pick appropriate weapons to take them down. When both wizards are down, each group should leave their tower and go into the door on their side and take out the shrieker that protects Ir Y?t.  You will have to kill both shriekers before Ir Y?t canbe dealt with. Remember to avoid the purple death sperm emitted by the shriekers. You can avoid it by running to the back part of the map on the upper level between the two towers (where all of the broken rocks are).

Ir Y?t - The Deathsinger

The strategy that I use is for the entire raid group togather on one side (the left side looking from the towers toward the room) and immediately start attacking Ir Y?t. There will be plenty of adds but you should concentrate on Ir Y?t as there is a limited amount of time to kill her. Not killing her in time will wipe the entire raid group. Once Ir Y?t is dead you will get rewards and then you can either kill all of the adds or let them kill you to move to the last section of the raid.

Crota ? Son of Oryx ? The Oversoul

If at any time during the fight with Crota one of your fireteam members dies, Crota will summon his Oversoul. The Oversoul looks like a giant broken planet that's hanging in the sky behind Crota. If this happens, the planet will gain a green covering and the remaining members of your team have 10 seconds to direct fire upon it until it disappears. If this does not happen everyone will die and you'll have to start the checkpoint over again. It isimportant to note that only primary and special weapon damage will affect the Oversoul (no rockets or machine guns).

Crota ? Son of Oryx ? The Crystal Room

In the main room (where you killed Ir Y?t) is a large crystal. Having the entire raid team gather around this crystal will start the final fight, glass walls will form over all the entrances to the room andoutside of the room on the ?bridge? the rocks will come together to form a gatethat Crota will come through. Once Crota has appeared, in the hallways leftand right sword knights and acolytes will spawn. The glass walls to the hallways will shatter and your will need to kill the various enemies. You should find cover for this fight and try to take as little damage as possible. All party members will have a modifier called the ?Pressence of Crota? that prevents health regeneration.

In normal mode there is an item called the ?Chalice of Light? that allows the person holding it to regenerate health. This Chalice can be passed from player to player but it is best not to take damage in the first place. Also the Chalice isn?t available until the Crystal Room has been cleared. A good strategy for this section is to stand on the ledges above the doors in crystal room. This allows you cover from shots by the acolytes in one direction and prevents the sword knights from attacking you at all. It is important not to leave the crystal room and adjoining hallways until everyone is ready as doing so starts the next phase of the fight which is on a timer.

Crota ? Son of Oryx ? The Swordbearer

One person will need to be designated as the team?sSwordbearer. All other team members will be on DPS duty.

After the fight of the Crystal room is complete and everyonehas picked up ammo, have the raid group go to one side and gather near the door(without leaving because that starts the timer). Give a countdown to leave theroom and have the DPS folks go to the ledge of the window to the crystal room (on the outside of the room). The team?s Swordbearer will either join the DPSfolks on Hard mode or on Normal mode go to get the ?Chalice of Light? that appears on the rock just below Crota (and then hide from Crota). Crota can only be damaged by a sword that is carried by a Hive sword knight called the?Swordbearer?. The hive Swordbearer will come through a door on the bottom level directly below Crota, and just behind the ?Chalice of Light? (on normal mode). Have all of the DPS folks focus on killing the Swordbearer who will then drop his sword. The team?s Swordbearer will then pick up the sword and move to the right side of Crota?s platform and jump on the rocks there preparedto do damage to Crota.

Crota ? Son of Oryx ? Damage on Crota

Once the Swordbearer is in position, he will call out ?Damage on Crota?. At the mention of these magic words, everyone on the DPS team needs to fire a single rocket (hopefully one with tracking) at Crota. Doing this will cause Crota to lose his shield and drop to one knee. At the same time that the rockets are firing, the Swordbearer will jump onto Crota?s platform (AKA the Bridge) and start attacking Crota with the Sword as soon as he drops to one knee. Crota will regain his shield after only a few seconds so it is imperative that the Swordbearer is there and ready as soon as Crota loses his shield. It is equally imperative that the Swordbearer not arrive too early or Crota will kill him with a single swipe of his sword. In other words, the attack needs to be timed perfectly. If things are timed perfectly, the Swordbearer should be able to get in 3-4 good whacks with the sword before Crota regains his shield.

After doing damage with the sword, the swordbearer should retreat to the rock staging area that he was before jumping up to the bridge. This will keep Crota from killing the Swordbearer. Alternatively, if theSwordbearer is a Bladedancer, he can drop the sword and blink strike Crota toturn invisible and then pick up the sword again. The same goes forVoidwalkers. At this point the swordbearer can call for ?Damage on Crota?again. Again, the DPS group will fire a single rocket at Crota, allowing the swordbearer to have another 3-4 good whacks with the sword after Crota drops to one knee. Soon after attacking Crota for the second time, the sword will disappear and Crota will rotate (or Crotate).

Crota will always rotate to his left (to the right of theDPS crew). At this point it is important for the DPS crew to hide from Crota,either by retreating back to the Crystal room or remaining on the ledge by putting the left support column between your group and Crota. After a certain amount of time Crota will rotate back to the middle and you can rinse and repeat by killing the Hive Swordbearer and preparing to damage Crota again. It is important to not kill the Hive Swordbearer until Crota has rotated back tothe middle of the bridge again, as the sword is also on a timer before it disappears.

During this phase boomer knights will spawn in the tower to either side. Killing these will bring out wizards. It is best not to kill these. Read the Other Information section below on how to handle them.

Crota ? Son of Oryx ? Ogre Phase

After the damage phase from the second Hive Swordbearer(i.e. after having swiped at Crota on 4 separate occasions), Crota will then rotate to his right (to the left of the DPS crew). This begins the Ogrephase. As Crota starts to rotate, have the entre group (DPS and Swordbearer)move to the front right (from the view of the DPS group) tower on the lower level. In this room, have everyone jump on the ledges that are over the doors and wait for an Ogre to come out of the large doors. Kill this Ogre as quickly as possible with grenades and rocket launchers. Once the Ogre in the room is down, jump off your perches and prepare to kill the other Ogre (the one that spawned in the opposite tower) with your sniper rifles.

Once the second Ogre is down, clear a few thrall and run upthe stairs on the same side and get back to the Crystal room. From the Crystalroom you can watch and wait for Crota to rotate back to the middle when you can all go back to your Damage on Crota positions.

Crota ? Son of Oryx ? Other Information

It is best to equip sniper rifles and rocket launchers for this fight. You can equip any primary but I like scout rifles the best for their range. Red Death is nice to have as you can still regain health by using it. In that same vein, having helmets or other armor that allows health regeneration on orb pickup are also useful. As far as subclasses go, Sunsinger Warlocks with Self resurrection and Defender Titans are the most useful.

Once the Swordbearer has the sword and is in position, it is best to have a Defender titan jump forward to either the left or right of theDPS team window ledge and pop his bubble. You will see what look like plateson the ground (of the upper level) that mark good places to place the bubble. Jumping up and down in the bubble will draw the fire from the boomer knights in the towers, thus protecting the Swordbearer. This titan can still fire a rocket at Crota when jumping out of his bubble at the correct time.

Also, once the DPS crew have fired a rocket at Crota it is best to switch to primary weapons and continue fire. This seems to give theSwordbearer a very small amount of extra time to damage Crota with the sword.

See the maps below

This shows the Bridge, Thrallway and Deathsinger / Crotamaps.

This is the Deathsinger / Crota fight map.


Eric vonEric 68


King's Fall Hard Mode


We developed this strategy with two titans and two hunters, but it can probably be tweaked to work with most groups, if your light is high enough and you have the right gear. We finally cleared with an average light level of about 315. This is not a no?knight strat. Taking knights down was important, but staying alive was more important.

The three plateholders will have a number and rotate with Oryx's starting position. 4 people will be assigned to detonate a particular bomb, which does not rotate. They will also run around the platform next to their bomb during lightning rounds.

Start by Generating Orbs

A nightstalker draws the first add spawn into the center lane, drops a tether about halfway back to daughters platforms, and retreats to between the daughters platforms so orbs all drop in that central location. The rest of the team tears through the thrall and the knights. If you have 3 hunters, have plateholders 1 and 3 save their supers. If you have two hunters, plateholder 1 should generate orbs, since it is easier to deal with adds and knights on the space side of the map.

The Real Fight

Spark Runner

Being a rezlock is nice, in case you get into trouble while stealing the aura, but not necessary.

Put on your raid boots and book it. Call out when you are getting close to the spark, so nightstalkers can drop tethers to tie up remaining knights. Call out as soon as you have the spark for everyone to get off the plates. Drop down and steal the aura, chase the Vessel to the middle of the map, damaging him along the way. When help arrives to take the vessel down, focus on oryx. Be ready to call for the team to stop everything and shoot his chest. You are responsible for shooting his chest until the bombs go off.

Ogre DPS Team

Ideally you will have two defender titans running Touch of Malice, one weapons bubble, one armor bubble. Running a high recovery build here is nice. Designate one as the primary DPSer, secondary DPSer may need to switch to add duty before all ogres are down (raid launcher with cluster bombs is great for this).

As Oryx sets up, make sure you have one round left in your ToM. Take note of which plateholder is alone on which side of the map. When Oryx slams, pop bubbles right in the middle of the daughters platforms. ToM ogres until you lose your overshield, pop back in bubble to rejuvinate overshield if need be. Primary DPSer calls out ogres as they go down. If you are staying well ahead of the ogres, save grenades for adds and knights.

Primary DPSer focuses on taking all 4 ogres down in sequence, then focuses on cleaning up any remaining acolyte eyes or knights.

Secondary DPSer: If Oryx sets up at the left space?side plate, or the right ship?side plate, this is the most difficult situation since there is only one plateholder and the adds on that side of the map have the most time to make their way to the middle lane where they can harass plateholder 1 and the ogre DPS team while ogre 4 is spawning in. When ogre 3 is halfway down, secondary DPSer shifts focus to add duty across from plate 1, usually clearing out an acolyte eye and two acolytes near the middle lane, one rocket can be enough. Get a grenade on ogre 4, stay near your Defender bubble, work the ogre keep an eye out for the Centurion captain that is making his way to the middle lane. After the ogre is down, watch for the light?eater knights crossing the lane. If ship?side, stay near your Defender bubbles, and take out remaining knights. If space-side, rejuvinate your overshield and run to the protection of the aura, taking the Vessel out and then the 4th knight, which will have crossed the middle lane behind the vessel. The 4th knight will always need to be cleaned up, since the plateholders will be retreating about the time he spawns.

If the sparkrunner calls for DPS on Oryx, primary ogre DPS drops everything and does so. Secondary DPSer may clean up a knight if need be.

Plate Holders

Ideally you have a good rocket launcher and sniper. The raid rocket launcher with cluster bombs is good for clearing adds and weakening knights. If you don't have a rocket launcher, you should be a Nightstalker with Black Hole tether. If you have two hunters, have them hold plates 1 and 3, so you are sure to have a tether on each side of the map when needed. The person with highest light level should be assigned to plate 1, since you will be exposed on your plate longest.

Priority in terms of threat are ogres > acolyote eyes> centurions > acolytes. Drop a grenade on the ogre next to your platform as he spawns, then follow up with your primary. As soon your ogre is down, focus on adds. Ideally, you have a rocket launcher to knock out the adds that spawn in the puddle on the opposite side of the room from your ogre. You will have line of site of the add spawn when space?side, but the spawns will be partially obstructed by the opposite plate when ship?side. You should be able to snipe the knight before the acolyte eye spawns.

When the spark runner calls out that he is close to the relic, if knights are still up, drop a tetherin the central lane where the knights cross to get to their bomb.

When the spark runner calls to get off the plates, quickly get off the plate and to the safety of the Defender bubbles. If your knight is still up, let the group know if you need help and where to look. If your knight(s) are down, help take down the Vessel. If the sparkrunner calls for Oryx DPS, immediately stop what you are doing and shoot Oryx's chest.

Detonate the Bombs

Appoint one person in charge of the count. When oryx staggers, do a 10 second countdown for clearing adds, followed by a 5 second countdown to syncronize getting into the bombs, followed immediately by a 5 second countdown to leave the bombs. The last countdown ensures the bombs are triggered, and also that no one lingers too long and can't get back to the aura. The counter also needs to keep an eye on the kill feed in the lower left corner. If someone triggers their bomb really early, be prepared to call everyone back to the aura before the end of the countdown.

Each person goes to their same appointed bomb on each round, regardless of what plate they were holding for the sparkrunner.

Lightning Rounds

Each person who detonates a bomb runs around the plate next to their bomb. The safest place for the two remaining players is on top of the daughters platforms, if you can do so without getting dizzy.

The Shade

There is time to switch to Red Death or something that is not Touch of Malice, if you want, and switch back after you teleport back out of the shade dimension and are clear of adds. When you get teleported into the Shade dimension, immediately jump up, in case you got unlucky and the Shade is also slamming at the same time. Snipers and machine guns are great against the shade, but remember to keep ahead of any adds. A tether shouldn?t be necessary against the shade, but if you use one, only shoot the shade while he is on the perimeter. If you bind him in the middle of the dome, he will slam multiple times, making a wipe more likely. When the shade approaches to slam, one person can advance and jump high over the shade as he enters, while everyone else hangs back. This will cause him to slam early and exit back to the perimeter so you can quickly continue DPS with the least chance of someone getting slammed.


Some tips we have found useful

Efficiently Boosting Light Level

There is a trick to getting your light level high enough to participate in endgame content like the raid. Your light is calculated from a weighted average of the power of all of your gear. When you take engrams to the cryptarch, the power of the gear you get is based on your light level at the time of decryption. So if your light is 248, and your current helmet is your weakest item at 210, decrypt a helmet first. If it is stronger than you current helmet, for example 250, equip it, and now your light level is maybe 252 and the cryptarch will start to give you items in the 260s. Keep decrypting and equipping items corresponding to your weakest gear. If you run a bunch of legacy or vanguard strikes (not heroic, those take too long), this may be the quickest way to collect blue gear to get your light level up into the 290s, at which point you are ready for the nightfalls and the raid.

Efficiently leveling gear

Did you know you can use motes of light to level up equipped gear? A post on reddit explains that you can equip, level up, and dismantle unwanted blue gear to end up with more motes of light than you started with.

3 of Coins

You can buy 5 "3 of Coins" (3oC) from Xur for 7 strange coins. Using a 3 of Coins will give you a roughly 20% chance of receiving an exotic when you kill an ultra in PvE, or complete a match in PvP. Exotic engrams generally decrypt at 290, but if your light is 300 or higher when you decrypt, you have a ~50% chance of receiving a 310 exotic.

Gunsmith God Rolls Cheat Sheet


Ghost and Calcified Fragment Hunter


Public Events Timer


Light level and Damage Explained


Destiny's Scopes Explained


Check your character's reputation scores


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