Preventing auto-kick (again)

Xbox One
Mic required
No level required
3 Players / 3
37 reserves


Main brain
MicroDisney MicroDisney creator

rarely optimistic

bobby bouchey76 bobbybouchey76

titan, warlock, mic, hunter

reserve players:

Main 202492d7 6b2d 4a92 a3b3 637b876c0025
GiftedToast GiftedToast

old fart, but young at heart., i suck at jumping but apart from that i'm almost average, , almost 😁!

Main wolveine in a tree
Gulo Gulo

best play time for me is 11:30 am to 5:00 pm mon-fri mst, sherpa

Default avatar

no profanity, pve

Default avatar
Insan1ty 414 Insan1ty 414

profanity ok, parent, pve

Main rtemagicc skull with a burning cigarette 04 a

pve, pvp, failed jumper, not terrible all of the time, doesn't know left from right apparently

raid rookie, pve

Main image
PEB1980 PEB1980

pve, raider, xbox one, pvp

Main image
Jigmeister75 Jigmeister75

raider, microphone, sporadic playing times, xbox one

Main file

xbox one, warlock . titan. hunter., play quite a lot , will help if i can, sherpa, profanity ok, play the division

pve, profanity ok, pvp

raider, weekly challenges, hunter, titan, pve, sherpa

Default avatar

pvp rookie, cannon fodder

Main 61b5e71d 66f6 4800 8163 7daa54427c75
mi ty41x

Main file

parent, pve, pvp

Default avatar

parent, pve, raid rookie, fun gameplay after a work day

Main av3
BWaySimon BWaySimon

profanity ok, parent, pve, titan, raids, tom

Main calvin and hobbes bw white wallpaper 1
Tellie Tellie

sporadic playing times, raider, defender

student, pvp

pve, profanity ok

Default avatar
Grim00 grim00

Main wooden spoon wolf puppet
The Spoon Wolf

sherpa, pvp, pve

Default avatar

pve, parent, profanity ok

Main bwayalexgaming picture
BWayAlex BWayAlex

raid rookie, pvp, pve, student, profanity ok

Main 20181027 180109

game on., profanity ok

Main huntersbow

no profanity unless over 25

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Main e8a74eb4 e15f 4689 b088 a89e20e51dd0
Our Man F1int Our man f1int

pve, pvp

Default avatar
The Woaf The Woaf

profanity ok, raid rookie, pve, pvp

parent, profanity ok, raid runner, funny guy

parent, profanity ok, raid runner, funny guy

Main images
x Urban Smurf x

raider, weekly challenges, sherpa, poe

Main kirito background 10  1
Lockon Kirito Lockon Kirito

parent, profanity ok, pve

pve, pvp, profanity ok, parent

Main ttk chrctrposters titan clean
PYau02 PYau02

sherpa, pve, pvp, parent, mic, tactical titan, wicked warlock, high-speed hunter

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Caged Unifex

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