I prefer to play early mornings Central time and weekends

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Upcoming Games

The selector node is up. To paraphrase Pie, However, all the remaining options are shite. . Knock out a GM to get one more off the books.

Recent Games

If the servers aren't potatoes, looking to do a full run for some Oversoul action. We can grab the red border for those that need it.

Last week, there were highs and lows. They got challenge done, but on normal. Bean and Mark contributed by making heavy. Primo is starting to agree with Bean. Bean has the right loadout just the wrong fire team. Today, it's a bridge too far...

Another week, another GM. Pie plans to carry Grim all the way to that Gilded Conquerer



sherpa, epic mod, alpha clan admin


profanity ok, parent, pve, pvp, very chill


profanity encouraged, warlock, hunter, titan


profanity ok, pvp, parent, pve, sherpa

Our Man F1int

pve, pvp

pve, raider

x j3s x

d.t.k.-l.a.m.f., olsen twins pizza party, hail xenu, make sure to like and subscribe