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Hi! Welcome to Charlie Company 957, we're a PC offshoot of Echo Company 754 but open to all. We're just looking to have fun and meet nice people. We have many great sherpas to guide you in your journey in Destiny. Please come say hello in the chat and post/join one of the many sessions we have.
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A bunch of ladies and gentlemen that aren't afraid to shoot stuff in the face, shoulder charge each other off cliffs, die to Chubby bubbles, grieve when the raid doesn't drop what we wanted, wipe a million times on a new raid for several weeks, play drinking games during Iron Banana, and teabag our fellow guardians when they fuck up and die somehow.
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Welcome to Raiders of the Lost Arc. We're a ragtag group of guardians juggling family, work, and life with our love of gaming. If you're looking to raid with a group of welcoming, level-headed guardians, then look no further. Reach out to your fellow Raiders in chat and let's get you on your way to becoming legend.
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Most members live in the Central Time (US & Canada) time zone. Our average age is 43. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!
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Join for fun and murdering mans/aliens.
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Log in, chat it up, shoot things in the face.
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We enjoy ALL of the content that the game has to offer, but never take anything so serious that we can’t find the fun and enjoyment that this hobby is all about. We like competitive PVP and grinding out PVE in equal parts, so if you are looking for a balance in the type of games that a clan organizes, we’ve got you covered. We use Discord as our main communication platform each day, so you will need to download the app and make an account so that we can keep in touch. We also use Google Calendar and as our clan organizing platform for things like raids and organized Crucible events like Iron Banner. Above everything else, we are respectful, salt-free and a “golden rule” type of a clan; so if you are tired of clan hopping or looking for the right fit, give us try. Prestige Squad Gaming
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A group of guardians dedicated to fighting the forces of evil and having fun while doing it.
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Most members live in the Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone. Our average age is 31. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!
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Ex-House of Elders ex-Dads of Destiny, we're all just a bunch of ex's :-) If you like having fun while doing serious stuff, CC645 is for you. This group is both 360 and x1
We are a longstanding community of guardians still trying to build an engaging and fun group to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead in Destiny.
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Welcome to Echo 254! Check out our for chat. Make a game! Join a game! Have fun!
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*[email protected] of Brothers members must be at least 21+ years of age. Please see news area for more info.* ________________________________________ We, as a whole, are gamers both casual and competitive. We come from various backgrounds, ethnicities, locations, and life styles; however, we all, through-and-through, embody the elements of a true gamer. [email protected] of Brothers welcome you each to the clan and to the Discord. You are here. You are one of us. We are all Friends, Brothers, Battle Team. We are [email protected] of Brothers.
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We are a casual or Competitive PS4 gaming community with games added to involve you and people you meet you must be over 18 .
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Welcome! We are a group of guardians that look to have fun over all else. We value good times, good friends, and dirt'y jokes. We welcome all who want to join and partake in our antics. We mostly talk in discord so go there
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Will be updated shortly
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Couch CoOp Gaming (CCG) is a community of broadcasters & content creators that focus on co-op style games to play with followers in the community. Destiny is the main game within the community. Although, Borderlands, Warframe, Neverwinter, & Overwatch are other games played in CCG. Founded by Yantzi, many of the sessions will be streamed by him or one of his community members. We are not just about getting through raids & other events, but try to help teach & better players.
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Welcome to Charlie Company 987. Feel free to post a game for anything and at any time.

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