I've been playing since the Alpha and Beta. I was here for the loot cave, for Randal the Vandal, and survived the grind to get to level 30 in the Vault of Glass days. Experienced Raider who plays all game modes, though I'm primarily a PvE player. (PvP for Iron Banner and sometimes Trials of Osiris).

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ps4, titan, microphone

parent, canadian, cusser (sorry), nightstalker, exotic-dancer, optimist


pvp, crazy, partridge in a pear tree, sherpa, parent, iron banner


pve, pvp, profanity ok, warlock, titan, hunter

mic, warlock, titan, hunter, profanity ok


titan, hunter, microphone, warlock

parent, profanity ok


i jump around and kill things

hunter, nightfall, raid, pve, titan, warlock