Currently: ranking up my light level so I can tackle the raid eventually. Am in no rush getting there. Also trying to get better at Crucible. Need help running raids or completing bounties? Lmk and I'll do my best to hop in and give you a hand!

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helpful, all three classes, parent, respectful, sherpa

profanity ok, parent, enjoys a game


sherpa, relic holder, warlock, hunter, titan, sword bearer

arrogant warlock

ps4, parent, pvp, warlock, titan, hunter


wonders if witches use spell-check?

hunter, warlock, microphone, crucible, poe, raids

goofball, titan, ps4, microphone, warlock


respectful, helpful, all classes, always available, disabled veteran, ranger


but you merely adopted the light, i was born in it, molded by it, oh you think the light is your ally?


striker, titan, defender, ps4