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After getting so close to completing the master challenge, they walked away without the win. Run number 2, promises more boss stomps and additional aggrevation.

Grim's trip got cancelled. That can only mean one thing, a raid. This time an all warlock run. Maybe finish the all solar run and knock out the planets encounter triumph.

Recent Games

It's RoN time and you know what that means. Some is dying to a launcher. Full run for the red border chest. Maybe a triumph or 2 along the way. Possibly the boss 3x if the group is solid. Warmup with a quick Taniks.

Running the opening Encounter on Master for the triumph. Illuminated Torment Challenge : Have Field of Light when killing a Tormentor.

Another day, another raid. That can only mean another set of challenges. Most of which are self imposed or Bungie physics. Subclass or encounter challenge. Whatever, I'm easy going.

After much gnashing of teeth, they got that clear. But they learned a valuable lesson, there's no such thing as a good launcher. Now, it's time to work on speed and triumphs. Maybe finish the Strand and "Singular Orbit."

Grim is still on that 1810 Grind. Full dungeon run and other 3 person pinnacle activities, like the 100K story, maybe a nightfall. Whatever, I'm easy going.



titan, hunter, footy talk, snark, wednesdays, weekends

gnc pgh

pve, microphone, weekly challenges, it's just a game


profanity encouraged, warlock, hunter, titan

Iodic acid

always happy to help if i can both pve and pvp, parent, a blessed cheesemaker


always give karma, mic, profanity ok, raid rookie, parent, very chilled


profanity ok, pve, pvp, veteran raider


microphone, xbox one, just a relaxed player who never gets too worked up about anything.


sunsinger, warlock, night stalker, gunslinging, blade dancing hunter


hunter, titan, warlock


happy to help with most things, sherpa, pve