"Subsisto QUERIBUNDUS et ludere ludum"

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crazy guinness

when i sherpa i want you to succeed so i will point out mistakes, salty tongue on occasion, it's not at you just the situation, i like to fix/tutor/help, sherpa, any class any guardian, i make orbs - use & make me some

pve, pvp, profanity ok


raid rookie, parent, pve, pvp, sherpa in training, raid rookie,, profanity ok


scrub mvp, once sharded y1 husk of the pit cuz it looked like garbo, bubble rockets, often trip over my own tripmine, 1v1 thralls, assist monster

profanity ok, pve, xbox one, warlock


sometime raider, profanity ok, warlock, sherpa wannabe

profanity ok, loot goblin, microphone, hunter, social, parent

Rhyll Hossred

pve, pvp, parent, raid rookie