Just call me Beers, its easier. Stop reading this, it's weird. #learn2scrub https://www.wastedondestiny.com/xbox/mc2beers

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ATL Smith

doomguy, beer, vodka, made on earth, titan, raider


mic, xb1, warlock, titan, hunter, raider

crazy guinness

when i sherpa i want you to succeed so i will point out mistakes, salty tongue on occasion, it's not at you just the situation, i like to fix/tutor/help, sherpa, any class any guardian, i make orbs - use & make me some


raid rookie, parent, pve, pvp, sherpa in training, raid rookie,, profanity ok


warlock, xbox one, nightfall, strikes, pve, titan


hates warsats, still can't use blink, relaxed, microphone


skolas killer qu'est-ce que c'est fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better, parent, titan, untouchable fangthorn, the legion breaker, here's a hammer for you, and one for you....

First 1 In

cigars, relic, fireball fueled, sherpa, swordbearer, parent


college student, pvp

Gaius Julius300

xbox one, titan, strikes, nightfall, iron banner, microphone