If your 1st console was an Etcha Sketch & weekend gaming consisted of Pong, then I'm your kind of gamer! Great sense of humor, finds joy in the little things & loves to meet new people. Yes, that is Yoko Ono in the middle of the picture.

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be happy, raid rookie, parent


college student, pvp

pve, pvp, sherpa


hunter, sporadic playing times, warlock


raid, pvp, profanity ok, no profanity, pve, sherpa


king killer, swordbearer, kellbreaker, once killed a thrall, mr solo dolo, rule number one: don't die

profanity ok, pve, xbox one, warlock


sometime raider, profanity ok, warlock, sherpa wannabe

parent, profanity ok, pve

pve, parent, pvp