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Upcoming Games

  • 12:00 AM EST - SAT 01/02
  • Xbox
  • Bravo Company 360
  • Mic required
  • 18 Players / 6
  • 5 waitlist

Sherpa Requested! All players and skill levels welcome! RECRUITMENT - Welcome to Bravo Company 360! Please be advised that we use Discord primarily for chat, so joining this post will notify us there so we can help get you settled in!

Recent Games

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profanity ok, hunter, pvp, pve, parent


profanity ok, pvp, pve, parent

OG Datto Watto

nightfall, xbox one, weekly challenges

profanity ok, raid rookie, pve

pve, pvp, profanity ok


Project Mako

last titan standing, hunter, mic, pve, warlock, titan


sherpa, pvp, parent, pve, raid veteran

pve, pvp, raid rookie


mic, xbox one, fun