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Chill group. Loves playing video games, having fun, shooting the shit. All we ask is that you try your best. You are safe here. You are never wrong to do the right thing!
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Log in, chat it up, shoot things in the face.
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Ex-House of Elders ex-Dads of Destiny, we're all just a bunch of ex's :-) If you like having fun while doing serious stuff, CC645 is for you. This group is both 360 and x1
Welcome to Super Good References! Please join or schedule a game with SGR here on the100 and chat with us on our Discord server!
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Most members live in the Eastern Time (US & Canada) time zone. Our average age is 31. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!
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Looking for people to play PVP with? Prefer to have a roster of friends to pick from instead of wading through LFG posts? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then this group might be for you!
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A group for Destiny players most active between 8pm and midnight in the GMT+10 timezone or thereabouts (including the eastern seaboard of Australia and New Zealand, in particular). Our aim to act as an extra resource if you wish to play Destiny but struggle to find enough players to fill out a fireteam. We like to get things done but do so in a no-salt and mature manner.
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We are a community of guardians that value friendship, teamwork, and impeccable aim to enjoy a casual environment where we work together to reach our goals.
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Most members live in the Pacific Time (US & Canada) time zone. Our average age is 14. Most of us prefer no profanity. Headsets/ Mics are strongly preferred. If that sounds like you, join us!
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We're a casual group that's friendly and supportive. If you want to have a good selection of games to choose from, then please contribute by creating a game every now and then and be sure to set the visibility to group only (at least until a half hour or so before game time).
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Discord page here:
E7bb0116 2595 4cb1 9547 18af367f6754
We are a casual or Competitive PS4 gaming community with games added to involve you and people you meet you must be over 18 .

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