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We have a very active group with a nice mix of adults and adult- children. Our group is classified as serious but we are very casual in our communication and playstyle. We post many game sessions and are active in chat daily because we all have jobs we love to not do.




Session description types can be seen HERE

1. If you are new, don't hesitate to post up a session! Many of us here like to help people complete strikes, raids, etc. Try to keep the sessions group only unless you're in need of people closer to game time - this helps us get to know other group/clan members a bit more!

2. Hit Submit ONCE. It often takes a while for the next page to load and clicking it more than once will create duplicate sessions!

3. Be ready on time (including reserves) or send a message to someone in the group - otherwise you may be replaced.

4. You can delete a session buy clicking the "Edit" link in the session. Near the top of the edit session page is a link to delete the game. Only do this if nobody has joined.

Reserving Spots in Sessions Guide:

We try to be an open, inviting community. To encourage that, try to keep sessions open to everyone in the group. If you'd like to make a session that's pre-organized or with a set group, here are a few options:

We want to discourage people NOT in a session to get preference over those who ARE in the session. If you have issues with any of this or see this not being followed, please contact a mod. And of course, we encourage everyone to post more games open to everyone, especially all our new members!

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microphone, hunter, titan, warlock

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parent, college student, pve

warlock, titan, hunter, ps5

warlock, mic, hunter, pvp, profanity ok, pve


microphone, hunter, titan, warlock



hunter, warlock, titan, mic, ps4, raider

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microphone, hunter, titan, warlock

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