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B C X X I V  C L A N

D I S C O R D  C H A T

Please join our group over on Discord. While we do use the100 to schedule most activities in advance, a lot of activities are organized in chat and it's a good place to get to know everyone(or avoid doing any actual work throughout the day).

WARNING: One of our members gets excited around new people and may flood the chat with dank memes. Please disregard, or not if you're into that sorta thing.

D A I L Y  G I F

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kiki strumm3r


weekly challenges, microphone, hunter, titan, warlock

Upcoming Games

*Bernie Sanders Meme goes here. Im once again asking for help with getting massacre medals

Beyond Light Hype Event

  • 06:00 AM PST - FRI 12/25
  • Xbox One
  • Bravo Company 24
  • Mic required
  • 5 Players / 5
  • 26 reserves

Don't get booted for inactivity and then not be able to find our bunch of misfits again.

  • 07:00 AM PST - SAT 12/24
  • Xbox One
  • Bravo Company 24
  • Mic required
  • 4 Players / 4
  • 6 reserves

Nothing no video games

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Main danger57


wait guys what are we doing, do i shoot on one or fire?, warlock master race

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Reverend Doom

microphone, raids, nightfall, titan, warlock, hunter

pve, microphone required, adults only, college students

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xbox one, warlock, microphone


sherpa, gaze holder, hunter, titan, warlock, brand runner