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207 Forever!


The difficult any time, the impossible by appointment only!

Hello, and welcome to Alpha Co 207! We are your mods: F8chromo, jsalinas33, jmy472, xImmortalNexusx, Eklipz, and GreekWiz. Like you, we joined the 100 to find like-minded people who enjoy Destiny and want to play all aspects of the game. We are a community that wants to help you, the Destiny gamer!

We've created a Discord server so we can better coordinate our game sessions. Email us at [email protected] with your PSN/ username if you want to join.

Additionally, we have a Bungie clan for dedicated players. Clan membership is not required. The A207 clan is invite-only. If you're interested in joining the clan, join both the A207 group on the100 and our Discord server, be active on both, and let the mod team know that you're interested in clan membership.

We hope you enjoy your experience here in A207. Please let us know if you have questions or if there is anything we can do to help you on your quest to become legend!

Thank you.
- F8chromo, jsalinas33, jmy472, xImmortalNexusx, Eklipz, and GreekWiz

207 Forever!

What is Discord?

Discord is an instant messaging and collaboration tool turned up to 11. Additionally, the Android and Apple apps are top notch and make communicating with your fellow 207'ers a snap.

Why Join?

We have channels for members to discuss new Destiny news, talk about weapons and gear, plan spur of the moment events, and have fun with one another. Have a new gun that you're not sure if you should keep? Ask one of weapons experts. Want to know about the latest nerf to your favorite subclass? We've got a channel for that. Need an another person for a Nightfall? Come ask if anyone is available. Bored at work? Come join the banter as we complain about not being able to play Destiny while at work.

Do I Have To Join?

Not at all! We provide Discord only as a tool to help maximize your A207 experience. Request an invite by emailing us at [email protected] if you want to join. Make sure to include your PSN/the100 username in your email.

207 Forever!
207 Forever!

General Rules

Creating and Joining Sessions

207 Forever!

Nightfall Speed Race Winners
Place Time Team
1 5:39 TST8082, realb8y, Markov-Man
2 5:53 jmy472, resin213, kresche727
3 6:32 Black-flashbot,LogicVSChaos, Markov-Man
4 8:51 AlienLucifer, snot_sausage2, Liu-Tsieng
Crucible 1v1 Tournament
207 Forever!
Doubles Event

Stay tuned!



gunslinger, mic, parent, ps4

Upcoming Games

No upcoming games currently.

Most Active Members


laughs & profanity a must, pve, douchebag, sherpa


warlock, parent, hunter, pve, pvp


kick, bite, maul, scratch, punch, maim, etc., microphone required, adults only, pve, profanity encouraged


raider, pve, hunter, microphone, profanity ok, warlock

Chimera273 (jmy472)

weekly challenges, mic, raids, warlock, titan, hunter main

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gunslinger, mic, parent, ps4

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