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Welcome to Cadet D743!

This group has been set up to allow the junior members of Delta Company 743 to play together.

Delta 743 can be found here D743

The group is all about growing the next generation of Guardians to defend the city and carry older ones to the lighthouse when the struggle gets too hard

New members to this group must be approved by one of the mods.

This is the link to the destiny clan for this group, Make sure to join.

Notifications of new joiners have been disabled by bungie for some reason so mods have to manually check now. With that in mind message one of the mods if you need quick access and we'll sort it out for you.

Discord invite : Discord Use the Cubs chat group

Very Important Information

This group is for children and as such the mods will not tolerate any of the following

We are watching and will keep this a safe place for the younglings to have fun.

First, have fun playing with this great great group!!!!

If you can't make a game you signed up for and you leave the game, try to say something in chat to let the others know you aren't able to make it. When you sign up as a reserve, try to stay available for 10 minutes after start of the game. This does not mean join other people prior to the start of the game, stay available and ready for invite for 10 mins. This gives the leader a chance to invite you when someone doesn't show up. 

If you make a session and for some reason you aren't able to play it, don't decide to delete the session, make someone else in the session the leader instead. It's not fair when some people join in (even with reserves) and you decide to delete the entire game - some people might still want to play it. In this group we try to have a good time with friends so try to keep this in mind!

Last but by no means least, chat can get a little fruity from time to time. Try and remember that sarcasm doesn't always translate through typing. We are one family; please respect eachother.



titan master race, raider, pvp cannon fodder, dad

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Prime Shadows

pain train, sherpa, hunter, warlock, titan, microphone

hunter, warlock, titan, legend, sherpa


lets have fun, raids, trials, pvp,, titan, hunter, warlock., sherpa


titan master race, raider, pvp cannon fodder, dad

pve, no profanity, warlock

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titan master race, raider, pvp cannon fodder, dad

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