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The home of the group is Discord which can be accessed via PC, mobile or tablet (android and iOS) that we use to share the laughter and organise fireteams. We use discord to help with communication between the original clan and our recently added brother clan. Send a PSN message to Nspcoop or alpinerover or beijingrich if you want to be added to our discord channel.

You can see fan art done by our clan members at the clan Facebook page. Existing clan members can join the clan Facebook group.

Some handy Destiny resources:

    Our new online store is the only place to get official DoD Lost Boys merchandise. Maintained by clan member Little_Mage we currently only have t-shirts available but will soon be expanding our products. If you have one of these items then you know that you have found yourself with the Lost Boys and the fear of being alone has died!

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profanity ok, parent, pve

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